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\\ Ετήσια Τακτική Γενική Συνέλευση \\


General Meeting 17.06.2021

17.06.2021 - Representative Appointment Form

17.06.2021 - Invitation of shareholders of common shares in General Meeting

17.06.2021 - Total Number of Share Voting Rights

17.06.2021 - Draft Resolutions on the issues of the Yen Tact Assembly

17.06.2021 - Results of Voting & Decisions made

17.06.2021 - Policy of suitability of Board Members

17.06.2021 - Minutes of the Board of Directors Convergence of Tactical General Meetings on 12.7.2021

17.06.2021 - Curriculum Vitae and Summary Evaluation Report of the candidate members of the Board

Terms and conditions remotely G.S.

Information on the Protection of Personal Data

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